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~ We Start on May 24th! ~
Guided Online Fasting Experience. International Community. Come Back to Your Centre. Feel Alive Again. Conquer Food Cravings. Enhance Your Life!
Guided Online Fasting Experience. International Community. Come Back to Your Centre. Feel Alive Again. Conquer Food Cravings. Enhance Your Life!
Regular Price €347
Andrea Paige - Live For Vitality
Welcome to the Live for Vitality Juice Cleanse Program
If you want to experience a profound shift in your health, in your own surroundings, from the luxury of your home, then this Online Retreat may be the most important thing you ever do for yourself.

Here's why, we can get all heady about food and health and Diet and the body. But wait! Your experience exists in the body, not the mind..!

When I work with people, it's fully based around an intent to re-connect them to the "feeling good." Most people don't actually know what it is to feel good. They wake up in survival mode, reach out for some survival calories, grumble through work, have a few stimulant-based surges (coffee, food, TV), and then go to bed at night with limited nourishment at a deeper level.

The status quo and the world that is WILL mislead you. That's why you must learn to lead yourself. Dive! Off the deep end and explore how HEALTHY FEELS, because let me tell you - it's flipping UNDENIABLE.

Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels and this is why I have just relaunched my new program called 'The Online Juice Cleanse' which is the retreat proven to give you the exact results you've been waiting for to Live Life with Maximum Vitally

Wait no longer for this opportunity, jump on board to Harness Your Incredible Human Potential Now!!
Here’s a Taste of What You Will Get on This Transformative 7-Day Online Retreat
Preparation for the Cleanse
  •  Preparation Guide: For successful pre-planning
  •  Shopping List: For your juicing ingredients
  • Delicious Recipes: For successful juice cleansing
  •  Phone Support: Pre-fast consult with a Fasting Mentor
Education: Our Online Fasting Portal
  •  Pre-Recorded Videos: One for each day, to help successfully guide you through your cleanse. (These are 15-20 minute daily video modules that walk you through all the hurdles, emotions, and specific information on how to avoid challenges and achieve your results)
  • Yoga Classes: Including meditations to help you restore and relax during your cleanse
  •  Online Store: Get our recommendations on products for successful cleansing
  •  Live Recorded Trainings:  Demonstrations such as Guided Enema Therapy - You will conquer that fear!
  •  Resource Library: Includes the latest fasting information and scientific studies on the effects of fasting
  •  Private Membership: Instant Online Access to all of the above when you enroll in the program
Private Online Community
  •  Share your thoughts and progress in our online community (Facebook required)
  •  Make connections with like-minded people
  •  Connect with members one-on-one
  •  Receive support in community and be supported by Fasting Mentors
  •  Post daily videos to share your experience
  •  Watch Live videos from Dr Andréa Paige
  •  Witness other peoples fasting journey in the group and comment feedback
  •  Get burning questions answered in your own thread
Self Reflection: Tools & Practices
  • Daily Assignments: Exercises to self-reflect through your journey
  • Journalling: To track your own experience
  •  Writing Prompts: To help process your feelings that come up during fasting
  •  Reflective Worksheets: To integrate fasting as a practice into your life
Reintegration: How to break the fast safely
  •  Guided Eating Meditation: Special Day 8 Meditation to ease back into eating safely
  • Reintegration Guide: Full instruction and guidance notes to support you post cleanse
  •  Accountability: Commit with us to 10 things that you will do differently to repriortize your health
  •  Post-Fast Food Guide: Including Food Combining Lecture to help you with the refeeding process
Specialist Support: To meet your needs
  • Direct access to Dr Andréa Paige and team of Fasting Specialists
  • Daily check-ins for maximum accountability during the cleanse. the benefit of your products
  • Anytime dedicated support by message, phone or email
  •  Post fast follow-up calls and ongoing support to keep you on track
What have previous participants said?
But Wait! There’s More…
You’ll get these exclusive gifts absolutely free…
  •  A special unrealized to the public Detox Guidebook that supports you during your cleanse and beyond. This a comprehensive look into detoxification for all of you who enjoy a read, and for those who want to dive in and dissect all the gold from The Online Juice Cleanse
  • MP3 meditation and yoga downloads to help you relax and restore during your retreat and in your daily life. You can load them onto your iPod or MP3 player so that you can apply these practices on the go
  • In with a chance to receive an astrology reading download (if you’re one of the first 5 people to register below)
  •  A special unrealized to the public Detox Guidebook that supports you during your cleanse and beyond. This a comprehensive look into detoxification for all of you who enjoy a read, and for those who want to dive in and dissect all the gold from The Online Juice Cleanse
  •  MP3 meditation and yoga downloads to help you relax and restore during your retreat and in your daily life. You can load them onto your iPod or MP3 player so that you can apply these practices on the go
  •  In with a chance to receive an astrology reading download (if you’re one of the first 5 people to register below)
On this 7-day juice cleanse we’re going to look at ourselves deeply, examining how we live, how we think, and what patterns and social conditioning have been running our lives, so that you have the ability to undo the stuff that doesn’t work. 

This is a program where everyone rises together, where as a unit we’ll all be looking to raise our consciousness. Whoever you are, wherever you are on your journey this space will provide you with the tools and mirror needed for you to elevate your life. 
  • - You join a Revolutionary program to re-think your life + health! -
  •  - These are 7-days to reflect on yourself + your life -
  •  - You’ll tune into online interactive lectures - only available to action takers like you! -
  • - Live-streaming Q&A sessions, so all of your questions get answered! -
  •  - Meet a priceless community for friends & support -
  • - Your immune system will boost itself unlike any other way known -
  • - Your digestive system gets a huge rest (need it?) -
This is for you if you are looking to:
  • Get CLARITY of purpose on what you want from life
  •  Begin to sketch a path forward for your life & your health
  •  Enliven your cells (feel fucking vital…)
  •  Beat that inner voice telling you that you need to eat more to be secure and accepted
  •  Take off the mask and let your authentic RADIANCE shine through
  •  Learn to master your energy in all environments (work, play, home, family)
  •  Be part of a community; a group of like-minded people that will truly have your back and create lasting friendships
  •  Re-set your digestive system and boost your immune system
  •  Believe in yourself again and overlook others’ expectations
  •  Reconnect to a sense of wholeness
  •  Redefine health and success on your terms
  •   Leave Procrastination behind, be held ACCOUNTABLE and get your life back on track
  •   Gain discipline over your food cravings
  •   Stop suppressing and truly FEEL (we’ve been taught if it hurts hide it)
  •  Revitalize and deepen the ultimate relationship with YOU
  •  Take control and unleash your inner power NOW!
Meet Your Virtual Cleanse Team
Dr. Andrea Paige - Live For Vitality
Dr. Andréa Paige
Biohacking Epigeneticist, Fasting Specialist, Yoga Teacher Trainer & Naturopathic Doctor. Andréa (ND, MSc, CHT, E-RYT 500) is a biohacker in lifestyle medicine. Founder of the Micro-Biome Think Tank & The Yoga Graduate School, Andréa travels the world empowering people to take health back into their own hands. 

Teaching from a place of resonance - where you feel what she says rather than merely intellectualize it - she has great success activating people's lives. Andréa also leads yoga teacher trainings and teaches Anatomy, Physiology & Health on Training programs worldwide. Now you can join one of her retreats online from your home.

Currently, Andréa serves on the Board of Directors for Festival Medical (USA, non-profit) and the Advisory Board of The Vedary (India). Check-out her latest podcast episode here
Adam R. Gibson
Adam is a Holistic Healing Practitioner. At age 24, he found himself in Asia, on a mission to find meaningful work. In his travels, he trained as a Colon Hydrotherapist with Andréa and went on to develop wellness clinics across Asia.

Having healed himself from low energy and addictive behaviors, his work enables you to live life with maximum vitality. He honors his mum’s experience with disease, using his work to offer an alternative to conventional methods.

Adam specializes in helping you reconnect to your body and achieve your full potential. He also handles the daily operations of running the online program. If you have any tech related questions during the cleanse, he is on hand to help!
Adam R. Gibson
Laura Thackeray
Laura empowers people to make lasting changes in their lives on many levels through creating heart felt connections and providing practical support. In exploring the tools of fasting through her own experience, she has received many healing benefits, including peace and clarity of mind.

Having recently worked at a detox centre in Thailand, Laura has hands-on experience in supporting people through fasting. She also has years of experience supporting people stopping smoking and empowering people to reflect on their addictive behaviours.

Now back in Europe, her interactions face-to-face and online are a platform to educate people on how they can tap into maximum health. Through studying healing diets, naturopathy, and Hatha Yoga, she continues to delve deeper into how we can heal our own bodies, and live with a greater sense of vitality and joy in our daily life.
Adam R. Gibson
Our Fasting Mentors
As you share your daily check-in's in our private group... where the magic happens and where we make friends for life! Andréa, Adam and Laura will support your success throughout your cleansing journey.

There will also be our beloved “fasting mentors”, people who have cleansed and healed with us several times before, like Greyson in the photo. They will be like older siblings, showing you the path!

Then, of course, they’ll be those - just like yourself - cleansing and joining the community for the very first time. (I promise, they’ll be nervous too!)

Apply to be a Mentor: cleanse with Andréa twice and introduce a friend to fasting to be eligible for a lead position. Please register your interest below to receive more information.
Adam R. Gibson
Yes, you CAN do it while you’re working! You don’t need to go on retreat. Make cleansing and wellness more possible in your everyday life! Join us by applying for your place now. I want to meet you, so I’ll have you fill out an intake form. Then I'll send you a special welcome.

It’s a fully online program. One Week. Cleanse with us during this time period & tune in daily and keep access to use again & again! You’ll have an opportunity to connect with a community of like-minded people. You can make this retreat group your friends! Schedule a chat with them over Skype during your fasting week. 

Community is PRICELESS.
Monthly Fasting Passes
Take control of your Health! Now on Early Bird Discount your investment to join the program is only €247!! This Deal includes 7-Day Online Guidance & 1-Month Exclusive Access to Content in Andréa's Fasting Portal - Hurry prices will go up soon!
get 1-month:
Regular Price €347
  • 1 x 7-Day Fast
  • One Month Access To The Fasting Portal
  • One Month Before & After Support 
  • Access To Online Community
get 6-months:
Please email us for a Payment Plan option.
  • 6 x 7-Day Fasts
  • 6 Month Access To The Fasting Portal
  • Unlimited Before & After Support
  • Private Health Astrology Reading
get 12-months:
Billed annually, or choose a Payment Plan.
  • 12 x 7-Day Fasts
  • Lifetime Access To The Fasting Portal
  • Unlimited Support
  • Private Health Astrology Reading
This program is perhaps the cheapest, quickest way to have (money-back) guaranteed success at physical and psychological transformation. 

Because of its efficacy, we have bootstrapped it ourselves for more than a year. We rely on your financial investment in yourself to get by. However, this is not a conversation about money. This is a conversation about resistance. Fear. Not investing in yourself, etc. etc. The money you would spend on food for one week may even equal the registration fee. 

Nonetheless, nonetheless! We are still willing to meet you halfway. If you can prove that you are unable to pay the full price, we offer one full scholarship monthly, along with options for a “layaway” payback plan to pay over several months. As well as work trade positions. We have had great success with this in the past. 

Cleansing, detoxification and health-awareness can no longer be a privilege. We aim to reach communities who wouldn’t normally find our program and empower their leaders. Loving humans of all economic backgrounds, ethnicities, and cultures are highly encouraged to apply. 
Frequently Asked Questions:
I’m scared I’ll be HANGRY and have big mood swings...
Sure, this is a normal fear. However, I can tell you that every person who has come onto this program with those fears has been pleasantly surprised that it hasn’t happened. In fact, you’ll find your mood and emotions more balanced and self-reflective. Because of the Psycho-reflective nature of this immersion (which is what makes it unique and unlike any program you’ll find for juicing online), you have a chance to express yourself. The anger that normally comes from “not eating” is often a mix of low blood sugar, sure, but topped with some sort of resentment or self-pity. One feels they’ve not been able to take care of themself and this subconsciously may turn into resentment/frustration/anger. Because this program is 100% at will, and you make a choice to fast, you are constantly brought back to a place of empowerment (which has no space for the cocktail of negative emotions). You are constantly guided into a realm of curiosity about your relationship with food, your body and the current state of your life. This self-reflection allowed for in this program is not only what makes it unique, but it is what has led to our 100% satisfaction track record and guarantee. 
I have imbalanced hormones, and I’ve taken a while to work on them, and I’m afraid the fast will mess they up again.
Cool, I hear you. This is a question asked from the place of fear. How would it feel to consider a possibility that your hormones can’t be “messed up”, and that your body has the ability to heal itself. That’s exactly what happens during the fasting week. Any out of balance hormones will right themselves. We’ve seen and documented cases in this program of participants completely reversing thyroid conditions and going back to the doctors, who were so confused. Re-claiming our body’s ability to self-heal is antithetical to the western allopathic medicine chemical approach to the body. Whatever happens through the fast will be to re-boost you and for your own betterment. This is a process of learning to trust the body and allowing it efficient time and space to heal on its own. 
I’m worried my muscles will atrophy on the fast. 
They’re listening to you...! Tell your muscles they are strong. Continue to do calm, weight-bearing exercise (to a lesser amount) during your fast. Your muscles will show up! What’s lost during a fast is never muscle tissue itself, rather a.) Inflammation (excess blood flow to the muscle, to heal the constant tear&repair), and b.) Fat around the muscle tissue. This may make muscle look smaller, but more likely, you’ll just look more toned. After the fast, get back into your program, and your muscles remain!
I’m worried about weight loss.
As you know, many would say you’re “lucky” to have this issue! However, people with less fat on their body have a higher risk of toxicity being stored in their organs (leading to tumors and cysts...), so those are the people who must find a way to detox more. Check in for Andréa’s weight-gain program and follow it for 1-2 months before you begin fasting. Then we’ll be good to go!
Can I buddy up with my friend or partner?
Yes, it can be a good idea to have a friend onboard for extra support. If your application goes through you can 'Buddy Up' at a SUPER Reduced Rate - 207€ each! During your enrolment you'll get the chance to select this as your option.
What will the program demand of me?
The program requires you to SHOW UP in our safe group space to share a daily check-in video and NOT EAT solid fibrous food for these 7-days. Instead you will NOURISH YOURSELF with fresh-made juices. We'll be here every step of the way to support you, but ultimately you get out of this what you put into it. If you go all in, your life will change drastically, for the better. If you half ass it, you won't see results.
Do I need a juicer for the cleanse?
Great question. You WILL need a juicer (unless you want to buy your juices from a local juicerbar - up to you!) You can buy a new one pretty cheap (40€) or secondhand!
Will my Vitamix blender be sufficient?
Unfortunately not, we are juicing only, so no smoothies or shakes during this week.
I don’t live in Europe, can I still participate?
Yes, we enroll people all over the world and do our best to accommodate everyone’s individual time zone as much as possible. 
I have travel plans during the program, can I still join?
No problem, we can work around that. Content will be released each day so you can access it at your convenience during the day. Any live content will be recorded and available after for viewing, so you don't miss out!
Will I be receiving coaching directly from Andréa herself?
Yes, everyone has access to Andréa directly. She will be active in our group to answer your questions and offer support each day throughout the duration of the program. 
Upcoming Program Dates
See below our scheduled dates for the guided, monthly online fast with like-minded people from all over the world!

The fast is 7-days and runs from Friday to Thursday each month following the Full Moon - the best time to cleanse and heal your body! We start intentionally on a Friday, so you get the chance to transition smoothly into the cleanse over the weekend.

Don't worry if you can't make our exact group dates below. We can be flexible to fully support you before, during and after your cleanse. Mark your calendar and join us for a transformative time now!
April 19 - 25, 2019
Reserve My Fasting Spot
Apply To Be Fasting Mentor
The Time Is NOW!
There is no better time. There will always be a reason to put it off. You’ve heard about fasting for so long. This is YOUR invitation to try. Take it. (You can do it, I promise.)

What you’ve been told isn’t working?
Rethink everything you’ve been told about health.

Make you believe in yourself again - 
Remember what a joy it is to be alive -

And how lovable your body is!
Andrea Paige - Live For Vitality
         I’ll send you an email to confirm and invite you to join the online community!


It’s truly the start of something Big.
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